Best Exercise for Lower Back Pain

Do you suffer from Sciatica? Does your lower back hurt after sitting down or when you stand up? I feel your pain as I have sciatic and wanted to know what is best exercise for lower back pain.

This is not just the best exercise for lower back pain but ways to prevent lower back pain in the first place. As a Massage Practitioner, I've met a lot of people who suffer from back pain, and this is advice which has helped me and thousands of others that I hope will help you too.

what is best exercise for lower back pain

The Best Exercise for Lower Back Pain is Pilates

You probably have already heard about Pilates, some people swear by it. It's great to strengthen your core and your back strength most importantly. The piriformis (gluteal) stretch is the one that's most instantly effective I find.


What is best exercise for lower back pain

Regularity is key for preventing lower pain so make sure you're doing it daily. Even 5 minutes day makes a difference. Stupid question, but I assume making 5 minutes a day to stretch is worth that excruciating lower pain?

You can type in "lower back stretches", or "sciatica stretches" on YouTube if you'd like a guide to start it before you get into the habit yourself. If you need more motivation to do it, you can join a Pilates class.


what is best exercise for lower back pain

Avoid Sitting Too Long

In a digital world full of devices and desk work that keeps us sat down, it can be challenging not to sit down for too long. But sitting down puts pressure on your lower back and most likely causes you to slouch if you're sat for long periods of time.

I always advise my desk worker clients to imagine you're a puppet on a string when you're sat down, that way you're not slouching and helping to correct your posture, as well as preventing back pain instead of causing it.

Always take regular breaks every 20 minutes when you're sat down, to prevent digital eye strain and take that pressure off your lower back.




what is best exercise for lower back pain

Use Lower Back Support When You Are Sat Down

There are plenty to choose from but the one I recommend is Supportiback® for the following reasons:

✔ INSTANT PAIN RELIEF - Works within seconds of wearing it

✔ CORRECTS POSTURE - Trains you to not slouch

✔ LITTLE EFFORT - Only needs to be worn for 12 minutes a day

✔ COMFORTABLE - Nice and padded for extra comfort

✔ EASY TO USE - Takes seconds to put it on

✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - Weighs just slightly more than your phone and fits into your bag


what is best exercise for lower back pain







Supportiback®, Amazon


what is best exercise for lower back pain

Avoid Crossing Your Legs

This one I still find difficult to do, but my lower back pain reminds me to uncross them if I ever do. Crossing your legs isn't good for your circulatory system and having poor circulation, can affect your overall health.

what is best exercise for lower back pain

Sleep With A Pillow Under or Between Your Knees

If you've been pregnant, you probably did this with your pregnancy V pillow but then stopped once you gave birth. But sleeping with a pillow under your knees is important to keep that natural curve in your lower back and reduce stress on your spine as it keeps it neutral.

If you sleep on your side, have a small pillow between your knees, and if you sleep on your front, have a pillow under your feet to support your spine.

I've recommended this one to numerous clients, and like myself, they too can longer sleep without that extra pillow to support the spine.


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what is best exercise for lower back pain

Clench Your Glutes

When you are sat down, stood up, walking or doing virtually anything, clench your buttocks muscles together. Hold for 5 seconds, and relax for 5 seconds. This helps to strengthen your body's biggest muscle  - the gluteus maximus in the glute complex.

The piriformis muscle is located in glute area, near the sciatic nerve, which is what can cause pain from the leg to the foot. One of the signs of having a weak glutes, is lower back pain, hip pain and/or knee pain. So get clenching!


what is best exercise for lower back pain

Regular Physiotherapy

I've had treatments from a few different Physiotherapists but the most effective ones I have found are massage based, not ones that just give you exercises to do.

Don't get me wrong, the home exercises and stretches are vital to prevent the pain but one the best Physiotherapists I've said "how can you give people exercises to do if they can't move their body in the first place. So massage is ideal.

This brings me on to the next one.






what is best exercise for lower back pain

Regular Massage Treatments

It can be hit-and-miss when getting a massage treatment, as you have to find which Massage Practitioner can do the right the level of pressure that suits your needs and comfort. But once you find a Profressional Practitioner that relieves that muscular tension, booking regular massages is a sure way to relieve stress and lower back tension.

Without blowing my own trumpet - I'm frequently rated "best massage ever", so I'm quite judgmental as you can imagine when it comes to getting a massage treatment. But one way I can tell if someone is good, is if they can relieve pain in the lower back muscles, as it's a very delicate area, and requires less pressure.

If you do have the option of hot stones, take it. The heat is great to help relax the muscles, and the rest of the body and mind. But even a massage without hot stones has mental and physical benefits for the body such as increasing circulation, helping to correct posture and helping mental conditions such as depression.


what is best exercise for lower back pain

Use a Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles aren't just for winter - but for any time of year if you have lower back pain. As mentioned earlier, the heat helps relax the muscles, which is the ideal for stretching too. As it is best to stretch when the muscles are warm to prevent further pain.

what is best exercise for lower back pain

Deep Heat Treatment

If you're struggling to get a Professional Massage or Physiotherapy treatment during the Coronavirus pandemic, and it's hard to get a hot water bottle when they're not in season, then using a deep heat treatment will give you immediate pain relief.

You can get it cheap on Amazon.


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what is best exercise for lower back pain

Who's got your back?

You! The ultimate key to preventing lower back pain is you making time every day to do these stretches to strengthen those muscles and prevent the pain in the first place.

Avoid heavy lifting and lift the correct way when you do by bending your knees and not your back to prevent injuries.

Moving your muscles frequently is how knots are caused too, so exercising regular will cause stress on the muscles too. Remember, regular massages aren't just a treat, but a way to keep the mind and body healthy.

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