Skin Care Routine Steps

Best habit for your skin!

With Coronavirus in the air, it's vital to keep on top of your skincare! Good Daily Skin Care Routine Steps is a habit I promise you’ll thank yourself for. Remember – it takes 21 days to make or break a habit - it's a 5 minute morning and evening habit you won’t regret! When people do start to do look after their skin, they're always so thankful after they realize the difference it makes.

If you do still have an excuse for not looking after your skin, just ask yourself:

"What can 10 minutes of Social Media do?" - I'll tell you: the blue light from your device ages your eyes and what most people follow usually isn't good for their self esteem.

What can 10 minutes of skincare a day do? - Improve your skin's appearance, health and work wonders for your confidence.

Skin Care Routine Steps



Dry Body Skin Brush Benefits

As I've provided many Massage & Facial treatments over the years, I've seen many different types of skin as you can imagine - dry skin, dehydrated skin, oily skin etc. I realized many people have issues that can all be solved by one product - the most common product I repeatedly advise is a Dry Body Skin Brush (AKA Detox Brush). Some people haven't even heard of it but it should be a part of your DAILY skin care routine,  believe it or not. A lot of people have one but don't use it (it's that small wooden brush that looks like something you'd scrub the floor with, but it's not for that).


Skin Care Routine Steps


Detox Dry Skin Brush, Amazon

There are plenty of brushes out there but you can get one on Amazon that's cheaper and does exactly the same job as the rest. I'd highly recommend opting for one with a detachable hand, like I have, to get to those hard to reach areas on your back.

Detox Brush Benefits: 

Increase Circulation - The reason I advise it some clients is because they have cold hands or cold feet indicating bad circulation like myself. Brushing towards the direction of the heart, increases the body's circulation. Which leads on to the next benefit.

Healthier organs - Increasing the body's circulation helps improve all your organ functions. Who doesn't want healthy organs?

Improves Lymphatic System - A system that's part of our immune system that helps fight infection and detoxes the body.

Exfoliates the body - Helping to remove any dead skin, much more effectively than a scrub on wet skin in the shower. A lot of people's skin absorb oil super quickly which tells me they have a lot of dead skin that needs exfoliating.

Helps tackle ingrown hairs - Helping the hair to come to the surface so it can be removed essentially. (Avoid genital area when using a skin brush.)

Smoother Skin - After all that hard, dry, flaky, dead skin has been removed, your skin feels so much softer.

Ideal for pre-tanning - I'm sure you'd rather spend your money on tanning your smooth skin rather than dead skin that can fall off and make your tan look patchy.

Reduces Cellulite - Concentrating on the sides of your thighs using a skin brush helps to reduce cellulite.

Skin Feel Ah-Mazing - Your skin just feel like it can breathe. We scrub the skin on our face, only makes sense to brush the skin on our bodies too! Especially when it's thicker than the skin on the face.




Skin Care Routine Steps

Skin Care Beauty Tips for Body Brushing

Use before getting into the shower so you can wash off all that dead skin you've just removed once you're in the shower. Pro tip: switch your shower to a cold temperature at the end (for however long you can handle) to improve breakouts on your back. A lot of people are so conscious of spots on their back but it's SO common to have.

Start by brushing from the tips of your toes and brush towards the direction of your heart to increase that blood flow and make the most of your skin brush. Brush in circles around knees and elbows as those areas tend to build up with more dead skin. Happy Body Brushing!


Skin Care Routine Steps

Morning Skin Care Routine Steps

  1. Cleanse - Massage your cleanser into your skin (don't forget behind your ears) before adding water and rinsing off. Pro tip: wash with warm water then splash your skin with cold water to close your pores.
  2. Pat dry - To avoid scratching your delicate facial skin. (Use a clean face towel every morning to prevent acne & bacterial build up)
  3. Face Serum - Apply on 3 middles fingers, transfer to other by pressing your fingers together and tap all over face before massaging into your skin in upwards motions.
  4. Eye Cream - Apply a very small pea sized amount on your finger, press on to other ring and tap around your eyes up to the brow bone before gently using your ring finger to gently massage inside to the outside of your eyes. Many people skip this step but the skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest of the face and does require a seperate cream. Pro tip for dark circles: tap under the eye lightly using all of your fingers to stimulate the circulation as a lack of circulation is what can cause dark circles.
  5. Moisteriser with SPF30 minimum & UVA/BroadSpectrum - Up to 90% of  visible skin ageing is due to environmental factors llike UV rays, even the artifical light you're exposing yourself to right now reading this on your device and pollution. Protecting your skin from this is essential! Not just when it's sunny outside but all the time. UVB (B for burning to help you remember), only protects your skin from burning whereas Broadspectrum/UVA (A for ageing) protects it on a daily basis from ageing.

Once you get into the habit of it, it becomes feeling like a 2 minute ritual you have to do.


Skin Care Routine Steps




If you’re already doing all of the above, here are some ways to improve your skincare routine further:

Double Cleanse - for a more thorough cleanse with your daily skin care routine.

Antioxidant Face Serum (SkinCeuticals offer the best AntiOxidants) - like an avocado oxidizes when exposed to the oxygen in the air, the same thing happens to our skin on a daily basis, that's why we have more skin conditions on our face more than any other part of our body usually.

Eye Serum - more potent and powerful than an eye cream as it gets into the deeper layers of the skin. Apply the same way as an eye cream.

Broadspectrum/UVA Protector - Use an SPF50 for even more protection and apply in upward motions to lift your skin.


General rule of thumb for order of applying skincare products - apply products in order of thinnest to thickest.



Night Skin Care Routine Steps

How many of us have gone sleep wearing our make-up?! We've all done it before and know how much grubbier our skin feels the next day. Like our brain recharges at night and plaque doubles on our teeth each night, our skin repairs itself at night too. This is why it is vital to have an evening skincare routine, surely you don't want your skin repairing with pollution and foundation.

First things first, I can not stress this enough!

AVOID WIPES!! Wipes do what they say on the tin, they wipe the dirt & impurities your skins picked up throughout the day around your face. How many times have you used a make-up wipe and still noticed your skin isn't clean? That's why.

  1. Miscellar Water - Much more effective for removing make up than a make up wipe.
  2. Cleanser - An oil based cleanser is great for lifting impurities off of the skin. As our skin has it's own natural oils, oil attracts oil, and lifts any dirt and impurities away from the skin, rather than rubbing it around your skin like a make-up wipe would.
  3. Face Serum - Apply same as morning regime as mentioned above.
  4. Eye Cream - Apply same as morning regime as mentioned above.
  5. Moisturizer - At night our skin goes through a natural process called Transepidermal water loss (TEWL), which basically means our skin loses water before it evaporates in the air. This why a good moisturizer at night is vital!
  6. Lip Balm - Keeping our lips moisturized helps prevent cracked, dry lips which can result in bleeding or cold sores if you're prone to them.








Some products are specially formulated to use on our skin at night.

Miscellar Water - same as mentioned above to AVOID using make up wipes, opt for miscellar water.

Double Cleanse - for a more thorough cleanse. Not missing behind those ears!

Night Serum - night serums usually help your skin repair itself even further at night.

Eye Serum - to get into those deeper layers of the skin at night.

Night Cream - especially formulated to help rejuvenate, repair and moisterise your skin even further at night.


Retinol twice a week - replace night cream with with Retinol twice a week.Please note: when using Retinol, do not use serum or moisturizer, just apply an eye cream before applying retinol.


Weekly Skin Care Routine Steps

  1. Exfoliation - The skin on our face is thinner and therefore more delicate than the skin on our body so it requires less exfoliation. No more than twice a week we'd recommend as excessive exfoliation can sensitize and damage your skin's natural barrier.
  2. Mask - Use after exfoliating to get the most benefits from your mask. Select one that tackles your skin concern whether it's dry skin, sagging skin, oily T-zone etc. Looking after your skin is more than just a treat, but a way to keep your mind & body healthy. Masks can be used up to 3 times a week. (Check the instructions before using).

Skin Care Routine Steps

Finally, please remember other factors contribute to the condition of our skin such as lifestyle, trauma, hormonal balance, skin color and medical conditions. Having a good daily skin care routine may not solve your skin problems but it can certainly improve the condition of your skin.


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