Booking Policies

    Zero Tolerance Behavior Policy

    Inappropriate comments, language or behavior will not be tolerated and will result in you being blocked and banned from booking in future.

      48-hour Payment Policy 

      Full payment must be made within 48-hours of your booking. If no payment is made within 48-hours, your booking will be cancelled.

        24-hour Cancellation Policy

        24 hours notice is required to cancel a treatment for a full refund.

          Same Day Booking Policy

          We do not take same day to respect our practitioner's work-life balance. Please WhatsApp us on 01615314414 to check the next available day for your booking.

            Travel Fee Policy

            Areas within 5 miles from Chorlton Rooms, M21 0RQ will not be charged for a travel fee. For areas over 10 miles away a travel fee will apply for the distance to and from your location.

            £5 for 10 miles

            £7.50 for 15 miles

            £10 for 20 miles

            £15 for 30 miles. 

              Chorlton Rooms Policy

              A £10 fee applies for Chorlton Rooms bookings.


                Upgrade Policy

                If you wish to upgrade your booking to include an extra person or upgrade to a longer massage session, please inform us as soon as possible or inform your practitioner to see if they have the time.


                  Medical Policy

                  All clients must confirm basic health and medical information.



                  BOOK A MASSAGE


                  For bespoke events, workplace wellness programs, international bookings or any other queries, please contact us with full details for a quote:


                  Email us
                  0161 531 4414 (WhatsApp only)