Create Your Spa Space in 7 Steps

Create Your Spa Space in 7 Steps


Created Diwali 2022 - A time to celebrate the victory of light overcoming darkness, knowledge over ignorance and good over evil.


Home Spa Essentials

A quick guide on how to create your own Spa space in just 7 steps. Whether it’s at a workplace or at home.




Home Spa Essentials

Step 1. Cleanse Your Space

Declutter - Get rid of any unnecessary and unwanted items to make space for your Spa area. 

Energy Cleanse - Cleanse the aura and energy of your new Spa space by burning Smudge Sticks or Palo Santo Sticks. Available to purchase on Amazon where you can get or in our Spa shop.

Smudge sticks are a great way to cleanse the aura of any space. A great gift for someone moving into a new home.


Cleanse Your Space Kit

The Spa shop now offers a Cleanse Your Space Kit with smudge sticks, palo sticks with a mist all included.



 Home Spa Essentials


Step 2: Add Your Spa Essentials

Massage/Treatment Table - When you plan to have treatments in your new Spa space, a massage table is essential! Not only is it easier and quicker for you and your Spa practitioner to give your treatments, it also allows you to relax more after your treatments as you can lay on the bed longer since your practitioner doesn’t need to pack it away to take after your treatment.

I see many clients who own massage tables feeling much more relaxed after their treatments simply because they don’t have to rush to get up after a treatment.

Amazon have a whole range of massage tables from you to choose from. Portable Massage Tables are available if you would like to save storage space and pack your massage table away.


Lavendar Eye Pillow - Relax even further when you’re face up during your treatment using a Lavender Eye Pillow to rest on top of your eyes.

Gel Eye Mask - Alternatively rejuvenate and refresh your eyes with a Cooling Gel Eye Mask during your treatment or whilst you sleep. Place in freezer before your treatment to keep cool and help reduce dark circles whilst you relax.


Home Spa Essentials

Skincare Products - Our skin is our body's largest organ. Look after the skin you're in with our award-winning, vegan natural skincare range inspired by Sicily.

Be sure to use skincare products suited to your skin type.

A lot of people think they have sensitive skin, but it can be sensitized as a result from overstimulating your skin from excessive exfoliation or using the wrong products.

To know if your skin is sensitive, do this simple sensitive skin test.

Sensitive Skin Test: Scratch the inside of your forearm lightly. If it turns red within 10 seconds, you do have sensitive skin.

Try to use natural, organic products like our vegan Terri Verdi skincare range if so. They have products specifically for dry skin types, and products to help balance oily skin types. All their products are suitable for men and women.

Our skin cell turnover is roughly a month as adults, less than a month as teens, and over a month for mature skin. So, depending on your age, if a product doesn't work for you in that time, it most likely isn't right for your skin type.



Home Spa Essentials

Step 3: Aromatherapy

Just the scent of your favorite aroma is therapeutic. Hence the word aromatherapy. There are many ways to keep your Spa space fragrant with the following Spa essentials.

Humidifier / Aroma Diffuser - Spread the scent of your favorite essential oil in your Spa space using an Aromatherapy Diffuser. Available in the Spa Shop or check out Amazon's large range of Aromatherapy Diffusers.



aromatherapy autumn set


Essential Oils - Get your favorite Essential Oils to add to your diffuser on Amazon. My favorite aromatherapy set at the moment is our Autumn Aromatherapy Set, pictured above, with all your favorite Autumn Scents from Cinnamon to Nutmeg. Not edible unfortunately. 

Please be mindful essential oils should not be used directly on the body as they are too potent to be used alone. To use on your body, please make you add just a few drops only to your favorite carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil.



Home Spa Essentials

Incense Burners/Sticks - Save your electricity and light an incense stick whenever you wish to relax, meditate or do yoga in your new Spa space.

Palo Santo Incense Sticks are my new favorite incense sticks as they double up as energy cleansers as well as enjoying the scent of your favorite scent.

Backflow Burners - For an additional Spa feature, opt for a backflow burner so you watch the smoke of the incense cone fall and float like a waterfall as it burns and fills the air in your new Spa space. Check out our large range of backflow burners in the Spa Shop.



Home Spa Essentials

Step 4: Add your favorite decor

Keep your space looking as zen as it feels with your favorite decor items such as Buddha Statues or Yoga figures to keep you in the right headspace.

Buddha Statues - Buddha statues make you or anyone feel welcome in your home or Spa space. A great way to remind you of Buddha's great teachings too. Check our whole range of Buddha statues here in the Spa shop. From carved wooden Buddha statues to fountains and incense burners.

Yoga Figures - Add a Yoga Figure to your Spa area to keep you focused and remind yourself to relax and/or do yoga in your Spa space.



Home Spa Essentials

Step 5: Keep it fresh & hygienic 

Soft Fresh Egyptian Cotton Towels - wash your towels after every face or body treatment to prevent microscopic dirt from touching your skin so you can prevent any skin conditions and congestion. No-one wants to have a little friend on their face or body.

Cleaning Products - regularly clean your spa area using cleaning products that won’t irritate your skin.


Home Spa Essentials

Step 6: Relaxing Music  

Amazon Smart Device - Ask Alexa to "play Spa music" to feel more relaxed at home or even focus at work using your Amazon Echo Device

Chakra Healing Frequencies - For an extra holistic experience, raise your vibrations and heal yourself mentally, emotionally and physically by playing chakra healing frequencies. Playing these sounds can promote instant feelings of relaxation, calmness, and stress relief to help reduce anxiety as well as calm the mind, body and soul. Just ask Alexa to play Chakra Healing Frequencies.




 Home Spa Essentials

Step 7: Breathe

A simple task such as breathing helps us relax and release knots from muscles when we’re having a massage treatment. When you feel your practitioner pushing down on a knot, exhale to help release the tension and to help you manage the pressure better.

Research has shown inhaling for the exact same amount of time as exhaling is more beneficial than exhaling for longer than we inhale. Breathe in through your nose and inhale to your abdomen for 4 seconds. Then exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds to enhance your deep breathing technique.

Breathing is what connects the mind and the body. Stay connected with yourself more than strangers on social media. Check out our Digital Detox Collection for products to help encourage your creativity and keep you away from your screens to recharge your own batteries. 


Meditation Beads - Meditation beads are a great tool to help you regulate and control your breathing. The repetitive movement of your fingers across the beads also helps to keep you grounded.

Yoga/Pilates Mat - An essential for your home Spa space treatment area is a Yoga mat. Having a mat is more sanitary than using the floor and helps provide comfort in your created sacred Spa space.

Yoga is great for balance and flexibility, whereas Pilates is better for your core strength and back strength. Extremely beneficial if you're sat at a desk for long periods of time or suffer from lower back pain.


home spa essentials


Acupressure Mat - Acupressure Mats are an increasingly popular alternative for an Accupressure treatment without the needles. Using an acupressure mat encourages the prolonged pain relief even after getting off the mat.



Home Spa Essentials

Make time to enjoy your Spa space on a regular basis, at least monthly if not weekly. We all have 24 hours in a day, what we choose to do with that time is up to us.

Choose to pour from a recharged full cup to look after your loved ones; don't pour from an empty cup and burn yourself out. Burn a Palo Santo Incense Stick and wooosah yourself first.



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