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Buddha Feng Shui Set - Flower Mandala - Blue

Buddha Feng Shui Set - Flower Mandala - Blue

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Introducing our Buddha Feng Shui Set - an enchanting Flower Mandala design in a soothing Blue colour. This remarkable set combines the timeless wisdom of Buddha with the intricate beauty of a floral mandala pattern, creating a harmonious and uplifting ambience in any setting.

The Buddha symbolises enlightenment and spiritual awakening, inspiring tranquillity and mindfulness in those who encounter it.  

The Flower Mandala, a sacred symbol representing the universe and interconnectedness, embodies the beauty and harmony found in nature.

The combination of the Buddha and Flower Mandala in this set creates a powerful fusion of spiritual guidance and artistic elegance. 

Retailers will find our Buddha Feng Shui Set in Blue - Flower Mandala an exceptional addition to their inventory. Ideal for home decor stores, meditation centres, and holistic healing spaces, this set will captivate customers with its captivating design and the positive energy it radiates.


Buddha: 25cm

Stand: H- 42.5cm 

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