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Gemstone Tree - Amethyst on Natural Agate Base (35 stones)

Gemstone Tree - Amethyst on Natural Agate Base (35 stones)

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Gemstone Tree - Amethyst on Natural Agate Base is a masterpiece that harmoniously combines the allure of amethyst gemstones with the grounding beauty of a natural agate base. This stunning tree, graced with 35 radiant amethyst stones, is more than a gift – it's a symbol of serenity and natural elegance. 

Amethyst Allure: Adorned with 35 glistening amethyst gemstones, each tree emanates the soothing and captivating energy of this cherished purple crystal.

Natural Agate Base: Each tree finds its foundation on an authentic agate base, highlighting the inherent beauty of natural materials and offering a solid, one-of-a-kind support.

Positive Energy and Balance: In addition to its visual appeal, amethyst is believed to bring peace and positive energy to any space, making this tree an ideal gift for those seeking harmony and tranquillity.  

Versatile Decor: From homes and offices to special events, our Gemstone Tree - Amethyst on Natural Agate Base serves as a versatile and elegant décor piece that complements various settings.

Perfect for All Occasions: Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or corporate event, this Gemstone Tree offers a meaningful and versatile gift option for every occasion.

Order now and allow the soothing allure of amethyst to inspire awe and serenity.

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