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Laced Gemstone Flat Point Pendant - Golden Quartz

Laced Gemstone Flat Point Pendant - Golden Quartz

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Introduce a touch of radiance and positivity to your jewellery collection with a Laced Gemstone Flat Point Pendant featuring lustrous Golden Quartz. This meticulously crafted pendant hails from the heart of India.

The flat point design, sleek and modern, beautifully complements the warm and uplifting tones of Golden Quartz. Known for its golden glow, Golden Quartz exudes optimism, vitality, and a sense of well-being. It is believed to bring clarity, creativity, and an overall positive outlook to its wearer.

Each Golden Quartz Flat Point Pendant is laced, allowing the gemstone's natural radiance to take centre stage. The addition of an adjustable string ensures a comfortable and customised fit.

This pendant is not just a visually striking piece of jewellery but also a symbol of positivity and creative inspiration. Don't miss the opportunity to share the beauty and symbolism of Golden Quartz with your customers.

String length: approximately 33 cm

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