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Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Rock Quartz

Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Rock Quartz

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Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant featuring the pristine beauty of Rock Quartz. Crafted with precision in the heart of India, this pendant is a stunning testament to the country's rich tradition of craftsmanship.

The teardrop shape, known for its classic and timeless elegance, beautifully enhances the inherent charm of Rock Quartz. This gemstone is renowned for its clarity and purity. Its subtle yet enchanting appearance allows it to complement a wide range of styles and outfits.

Each teardrop pendant is laced, ensuring that the natural beauty of the Rock Quartz gemstone takes centre stage. Moreover, the adjustable string adds versatility to the pendant, allowing it to be customised to the wearer's desired length.

The Rock Quartz Teardrop Pendant is a perfect addition to any jewellery collection. Its beauty and symbolism make it an ideal choice for those seeking clarity, purity, and a touch of elegance. Whether worn alone or combined with other pieces, this pendant is sure to captivate and enchant your customers. Don't miss the opportunity to offer this exquisite piece to your clientele.

String length: approximately 34 cm

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