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Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Tigereye

Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant - Tigereye

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Laced Gemstone Teardrop Pendant featuring the captivating Tigereye gemstone. This pendant is handcrafted in the heart of India.

The teardrop shape, a classic and timeless design, beautifully accentuates the unique beauty of Tigereye. Renowned for its stunning golden and brown striations that resemble the eye of a tiger, this gemstone exudes strength and courage. Tigereye is believed to bring clarity, focus, and protection to its wearer, making it a meaningful and stylish choice.

Each Tigereye Teardrop Pendant is laced to showcase the gemstone's natural allure, while the adjustable string allows for a customised fit. 

The Tigereye Teardrop Pendant is an embodiment of elegance and symbolism, offering a touch of courage and clarity to those who wear it. Whether it's a personal accessory or a gift for someone special, this pendant is sure to attract your customers and become a cherished addition to their jewellery collection. 

String length: approximately 34 cm

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