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Macrame Pot Holder - Long With Ratten Hoop

Macrame Pot Holder - Long With Ratten Hoop

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Macramé is on the up…and so are your plants. 

Macrame Pot Holders  is a gorgeous way to incorporate greenery into your home. 

This macrame plant hanger will look great in any space, a living area, yoga studio or bedroom and would be perfect for a home or cottage in need of some rustic and homely décor. 

Just be sure to make sure your plant gets the light it needs, (plant and pot in picture not included).

These are unique designs, meticulously handcrafted in Indonesia by a family business using natural materials giving a minimalist feel and creating a relaxed feel in the room.

This is a great gift for plant lovers and will look amazing in your home; you can also match the macrame pot holders with macrame wall hangers for the WOW factor. 

You will be potty to miss me.

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