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Small Tibetan Tingsha Bell - 5x11cm

Small Tibetan Tingsha Bell - 5x11cm

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Experience the enchanting world of Tibetan spirituality with our Small Tibetan Tingsha Bell. Crafted with precision, this petite bell measures 5x11cm, making it a perfect addition to your customers' meditation, mindfulness, or spiritual practice.

Each Small Tibetan Tingsha Bell is meticulously crafted by skilled Tibetan artisans, honouring age-old traditions and ensuring genuine quality. When played, this Tingsha Bell produces a sweet and resonant sound, promoting tranquillity, focus, and relaxation during meditation or mindfulness sessions. 

Perfect for meditation, yoga, energy healing, or as a decorative piece. The bell features traditional Tibetan symbols and designs, adding an aesthetic element to the spiritual space. 

Invite serenity into your store with Small Tibetan Tingsha Bell.

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