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The Athletic Box – Organic Workout Gift Set

The Athletic Box – Organic Workout Gift Set

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A gift set for the athletes! This organic workout box from Terre Verdi offers skincare that helps runners, yoga lovers, and more.

Enjoy two super soothing multitasking treatments that aid in recovery and elevate any workout routine. Presented in a beautiful black box, this luxury kit makes a great present. Our organic skincare gift set contains a full size body oil and floral water. The Athlete Box duo can be added to a gym bag or be ready on the shelf so muscles and skin are always at ease.

  • Yoga & Sports Body Oil (100ml): Prepare the body for exercise or ease tired muscles post workout with this organic body oil containing warming black pepper and ginger root.          
  • AcquaDiRosa Balancing Mist (100ml): Cool and refresh the skin after a workout, spray down the yoga mat, and wipe away sweat with our pure organic rose water. Ideal for cleansing, toning, and a wellbeing boost.

  Check out the individual products pages for the full ingredient lists and product descriptions.

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