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Tibetan Tingsha - Five Buddha - approx 9.5cm

Tibetan Tingsha - Five Buddha - approx 9.5cm

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Embark on a profound journey of spiritual enlightenment with our Tibetan Tingsha - Five Buddhas. These meticulously crafted cymbals, measuring approximately 9.5cm in diameter, embody the essence of serenity, wisdom, and inner peace.

Created by skilled Tibetan artisans, these Tingsha display the intricate depictions of the five Buddhas, symbolizing enlightenment, compassion, and universal truth. 

When gently struck together, these Tingsha produce a transcendent and melodious sound that resonates with the profound wisdom of the Buddhas. Ideal for meditation, prayer, rituals, and enhancing sacred spaces.

Elevate your spiritual product range with Tibetan Tingsha - Five Buddhas.

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