How To Prevent Lower Back Pain with 15 Tips

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain with 15 Tips

Created 2020 ~ Updated May 2024


Lower Back Pain Advice

I was shocked when a surgeon offered me spinal surgery. After that one day I stood up from being sat down and it pained me to walk out of the room, let alone out of the house. This is all the advice I learnt about how to prevent lower back pain what helped prevent me needing spinal surgery.

Being a massage practitioner, this is the most popular advice I share with clients as many benefit from knowing how to prevent lower back pain. With an increasing amount of people working from home, sciatica and lower back pain is becoming a growing problem. I've met so many desk workers and people who have suffered with sciatic pain including friends, family, and myself.

If you have ever had sciatic pain, you know it's one of the worst pains you can experience. If you know somebody who suffers from it, do not underestimate the amount of pain they are in as the intense pain can massively limit your ability to walk and even sit comfortably for a short amount of time.


Sciatica can be caused pregnancy, lifting heavy weights, sitting down for extended periods of time as sitting compresses the spine and puts pressure on the lower back which can trigger the sciatic nerve.

This is all the lower back pain advice that has helped me, along with many other people, that I hope helps you learn how to prevent lower back pain.


Avoid Sitting For Too Long

Sitting down is what compresses the spine and causes this pain, for preventative measures, avoid sitting down for too long in the first place of course.

If you work at a desk and have to sit for work, set reminders to take regular breaks.


 SOPHIE - Ultra Thin Smart Watch


A fitness smart watch is great way to set reminders to take regular breaks from sitting too long and prevent lower back pain. SOPHIE - Ultra Thin Smart Watches are the sleekest, most stylish smartwatch I've seen as it doesn't look like like you're usual bulky smart watch but a ultra-thin and minimalist body that contains 30+ applications. My favorite feature is the mindful breathing exercises it offers.



In our digital world full of devices, and desk work that keeps us sat down, it can be challenging not to sit down for too long. But being sat down for a while will most likely cause you to slouch, hunch your back, and not make a conscious effort to keep your back straight.



Common advise I always give desk worker clients, is to imagine you are a puppet on a string when you are sat down. That way you're not slouching, and making a conscious effort to keep your back straight and help correct your posture. As well as preventing lower back pain instead of causing it.

Always take regular breaks every 20 minutes when you're sat down, to prevent digital eye strain and take that pressure off your lower back.



Regular Pilates

Many people swear by Pilates as it's a great way to build your core strength and your back strength. If you struggle to motivate yourself, watch a YouTube video, join a class or use a portable Pilates bar at home or on the go to prevent that awful lower back pain.


Flamin Fitness' Portable Pilates Bar shown above I find useful as it offers 8 ways of how to prevent lower back pain by strengthening your back. If you forget your Pilates bar, the piriformis stretch can be instantly effective for Sciatic pain.

Regularity is key for preventing lower pain so make sure you're doing it consistently a couple times a week. 5 minutes day will even make a difference. I take it 5 minutes a day to stretch is worth preventing that excruciating lower pain.

Use Back Support 

There are plenty to cheap ones to choose from but if you want a quality that heats up, and 6x faster than a standard heating pad, then Venom 2 Back is the one. The advanced technology it uses, heats up evenly to prevent lower back pain and soothe sore back muscles.


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Avoid Crossing Your Legs

This one I still find difficult to do, but lower back pain motivates me to uncross them if I ever do. Crossing your legs isn't good for your circulatory system and having poor circulation, can affect your overall health.

Unless it's for Yoga/Pilates purposes, avoid crossing your legs.



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Sleep With A Pillow For Spine

If you've been pregnant, you probably did this with your pregnancy V pillow but then stopped once you gave birth. But sleeping with an extra pillow to support your spine is important for keeping the natural curve in our lower backs as it reduces on stress on your spine and it keeps it neutral.

Correct position for sleeping on your side: have a small pillow between your knees and ankles.

Correct position for sleeping on your back: having a pillow under your knees

Correction position if you sleep on your front: have a pillow under your feet to support your spine.

I've recommended this to all my clients, and like myself, they too can longer sleep without that extra pillow to support the spine.



BrightR Hug Body Pillow is known as the best body pain relief pillow is designed to alleviate back and hip discomfort which prevents lower back pain.


  • Immediate relief of pressure on your back, hips, and knees.
  • Soothes anxiety, and helps you achieve deeper, calmer, and pain-free sleep.
  • Completely adjustable for ergonomic full-body support, enhancing circulation and alleviating acid reflux.
  • Full-body support that not only aligns your spine but also alleviates muscular pains and aches.



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Clench Your Glutes

When you are sat down, stood up, walking or doing virtually anything, clench your buttocks muscles together. Hold for 5 seconds, and relax for 5 seconds. This helps to strengthen your body's biggest muscle  - the gluteus maximus in the glute complex.

The piriformis muscle is located in glute area, near the sciatic nerve, which is what can cause pain from the leg to the foot. One of the signs of having a weak glutes, is lower back pain, hip pain and/or knee pain. So get clenching!


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Regular Physiotherapy

I've had treatments from a few different Physiotherapists but the most effective ones I have found are massage based, not ones that just give you exercises to do. 

Don't get me wrong, the home exercises and stretches are vital to prevent the pain but one the best Physiotherapists I've said "how can you give people exercises to do if they can't move their body in the first place." So, massage is essential with physiotherapy.

This brings me on to the next one.


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Regular Massage Treatments

If you've had massage treatments before, you know it can be hit-and-miss when getting a massage treatment as a lot of massage practitioners will just stroke your muscles to keep it relaxing. This does increase those feel-good hormones but if you have lower back pain, you have to find a massage practitioner that can do the right the level of pressure. Especially on your lower back with it being such a delicate area.

Once you find a professional practitioner that relieves that muscular tension, booking regular massages is a sure way to relieve stress and lower back tension. One way I can tell if someone is a good masseuse is if they can relieve pain in the lower back muscles as it's a very delicate area and requires less pressure.

If you do have the option of hot stones or a lava shell treatment, take it. The heat is great way to help relax the muscles, as well as the rest of the body and mind. Super relaxing!

But even a massage without hot stones has mental and physical benefits for the body such as increasing circulation, posture correction and benefits mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Book a 5 star rated home massage treatment with SpaPLUS if you're in the North West of England.

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Use a Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles aren't just for winter, but for any time of year prevent further lower back pain. As mentioned earlier, the heat helps relax the muscles. Be careful you don't burn yourself with them as that can happen if you don't have a protective cover.


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Deep Heat Treatment

If you're struggling to afford a professional treatment, another temporary form of immediate pain relief is using a deep heat treatment. Get it cheap on Amazon.



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Avoid Heavy Lifting

Lift the correct way when you do by bending your knees and not your back to prevent injuries. Don't be a hero trying to lift something heavy alone, it really isn't worth the pain of pulling your back muscles.

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There are so many different types of yoga if you look into it hip opening poses in particular will be great to prevent and help sciatic and lower back pain. As a regular Yoga Yogi, I can honestly say it heals, restores and balances the mind, body and soul practising yoga regularly. 

Check out our Yoga & Mediation products to upgrade your knowledge and home zen space.


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Posture Awareness

Be aware of your posture when you are sat down, especially if sat at a desk for long periods of time.

Visualize you are a puppet on a string I advise desk workers. That way you will lift your head, and then the rest of your body will follow to encourage you to make a conscious effort to keep your back straight.



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Foot care is body care since most of our nerve endings are in our feet as reflexology teaches us. If we look after our feet, we're promoting self-healing in the rest of the body.

To take extra care of your lower back back in particular, looking after the heels of feet will help look after your lower back area, as the heels of our feet represent our lower back in reflexology.

Get scrubbing using a pumice stone whilst you soak your feet to soften dried heels.In particular, the heels of feet as it.


Pro-tip: Ideally after scrubbing your feet, cover in moisturizer or lotion then lock all that moisture in with a pair of socks for your own homemade foot mask. 


Try using Goat's Milk Lotion on your feet it gets through the top layer of the skin, removes the dead skin and stimulates fresh, younger skin. For cracked heels, apply.

For cracked heels, apply Castor Oil and lock in with socks every night until the heel softens with the thick, gloopy oil. 


SoleSoothe Reflexology Sliders stimulate key pressure points on your feet, to help relaxation, balance, and vitality. Your personal foot spa transforms your daily steps into a spa-like experience with tiny massage nodes that gently knead your feet with every move to prevent lower back pain

Whether you're at home, in the office, or out for a stroll, complement your lifestyle while caring for your feet.


Acupressure Mat

Derived from the "mystical bed of nails" that was originated over 1,000 years ago to be used in the practice of meditation and healing. This ergonomically designed acupressure mat uses that ancient technology to restore your body.

Simply lay on it for under 20 minutes a day to alleviate a whole host of pain issues, including chronic neck and back pain, sore muscles and headaches, daily stress and even help you sleep. Acupressure Mats are designed to make pressure adjustment simple and easy, similar to acupuncture; the pressure of the rounded nails against the skin can help the body release endorphins. That feel good hormone which provides a sense of joy, energy and pain relief, and Oxytocin, the hormone that make us feel calm and relaxed. 

As acupressure help detox the body, it's important to drink water after using it to help you prevent lower back pain.


MSM Supplement

First of all, please double check with your GP before adding any new supplements to your diet as it may not be advised for you to take a certain supplement if you are already on medication especially.

MSM AKA methylsulfonylmethane helps keep our muscles and joints healthy. It's the only supplement I've taken where I've felt a noticeable difference on the day that can work within 45 minutes. All the nutrients we lose from overcooking fresh food, MSM puts it back into our system to support achy muscles and joints. 

Please double check with your GP you are allowed to take MSM powder, like with any supplements. Especially if you are already on medication.

I would highly recommend taking this in the form of tablets rather than powder as it's simply much easier and feels like less work than scooping so you're more likely to take it daily. I trust Esther Formula MSM supplements as they are formulated by a doctor who realizes seeking medical treatment at a hospital isn't the only way to contribute to your health. 

Who's got your back?

You! The ultimate key to reducing and preventing lower back pain is you making time to do these stretches and tasks to strengthen those muscles. Consistency is key!

Overusing your muscles and stress are the cause of knots, so exercising may cause muscular tension too.

That's why athletes have sports massage therapy, to feel more flexible and mobile in order to continue their sport. Most of us see massage therapy as just a treat, but it's a way to keep the mind and body healthy.


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